Mice and Critters! Oh No!

The Problem

If you’re anything like me, the last thing you ever want to see in your RV is mouse droppings! But unfortunately, traveling out into the woods where mice, rats and other critters live is what we do! And while mice are just considered unsanitary and a general nuisance by most people, having mice in your RV can be spectacularly dangerous!

The number one cause of fires in an RV are engine compartment and wiring fires. In fact, over 90% of all RV fires are electrical! To go a step further, more than 30% of those electrical fires are from rodent intrusion and gnawing on wiring! And to make matters worse, it’s not limited to any year, make or model! ALL RVs are susceptible to rodents!

Did you know that one female house mouse can give birth when they are only two months old, and they are able to have to up to a dozen babies every three weeks? This means she could have as many as 150 offspring in a single year! If you spot a mouse in your RV, it is safe to assume there are more or there will be soon!

ALL RVs are susceptible to rodents!

You may THINK your brand new four seasons RV is all sealed up and not at risk from rodents, but you would be wrong! Rodents are very focused on finding a safe place to breed and feed, and anywhere under your RV will do! Here is a BRAND NEW pickup truck, still at the dealer. Mice have chewed through the body harness and made a nest in the frame! The engine compartment is their next favorite place!
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Most suggested Techniques

Let me start by saying that if you think that peppermint oil or Bounce dryer sheets will keep mice away, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale! There are even methods that actually work, like Fresh Cab for instance. If you buy enough of them and put them everywhere, the mice may in fact retreat to inside the walls or perhaps leave for a little while.

And there my friends is the point of this post! Deterring them once inside your coach is defeating the purpose!

Did you know a female mouse might give birth to two or three generations of offspring before you even know they’re inside? Treating the rodent problem after you see them or their droppings is TOO LATE! One must PREVENT THEM FROM ENTERING in the first place!

The How To

So the next question is, how does one keep rodents away from their vehicle! The answer is more simple than you might think! Get either a Coyote or a Fox! Both are predators of rodents and their smell, especially their urine, will keep mice away in some cases for up to 250′. So since keeping a Fox or a Coyote is not realistic, here’s the next best thing, their urine!


This is Shake Away. An all natural product using Fox and Coyote urine as the active ingredient. Don’t worry, it is sanitary, and it actually smells quite nice!

I had a persistent problem with mice and rats at my RV storage facility. It didn’t matter what product I used, they would still get inside the coach and do damage. The last problem I has was a short in the overhead fan wire, which was also the wiring to my fluorescent hall lights!

Since buying and using this product for over a year now, I have not seen ONE SINGLE DROPPING! What I do is spread a capful of the granules around each wheel and stabilizer every 60 days and toss a capful over the hookups as well.

From what I understand about this product, the rodents can smell it from far away distances and they won’t go anywhere near it! I learned this from a friend with an 8,000 sq ft warehouse. He had been fighting with mice and rats for years because of the open bay doors, and though he resorted to a professional service, the rodents would continue to come back over time and he was very frustrated! He found this product a few years ago and now places one capful on each side of the warehouse every 60 days. He hasn’t had a single rodent problem since! I was a little sceptical, but after of year of using it myself, I’m a true believer!

This is the Shake Away link for rats and mice with the Fox urine. Below are more links for all other critter problems.

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