Roadmaster RSSA Reflex Stabilizer Unit

So after a few months of testing and a couple thousand miles, I can say I’m prepared to rate the Roadmaster RSSA Reflex Stabilizer Unit FIVE STARS!

As the owner of several RVs over the years, I have basically gotten used to the fact that they drive like a BOAT! 🙂 But I have been reading all the different handling modifications online and I ran across this one. Boy was I glad I did!

Reflex Steering Stabilizers have a tempered steel spring secured at both ends to a specially designed and valved steering damper. One end of the stabilizer is attached to the tie rod itself; the other end is securely fastened to the chassis undercarriage. When the steering stabilizer is compressed, the spring pushes back to the neutral position. When extended, the spring pulls back to the neutral position. No matter what vehicle you have, your Reflex Steering Stabilizer installs in one hour, with no drilling or welding required.

Actually, I was able to install this myself in under fifteen minutes! The only trick was finding a level spot to install it and make sure the wheels were perfectly straight. So I went to the Mall early one Sunday when the parking lot was completely empty. I found a perfectly straight painted lane and followed it for about 100 yards, making sure the steering wheel was straight.

So now I am going perfectly straight and my steering wheel is also straight and level. If my steering was not level, I would have had to get an alignment first, but all was good. I stopped, raised the front of the coach with the stabilizer jacks, crawled under, unbolted two bolts on the frame, attached the mounting plate, bolted up the Reflex to the plate on one side, and attached and bolted up the U-bolts on the other. Done and done! The difference is incredible! It went from driving like a boat and being blown all over the highway, to driving like a passenger van!

From the manufacturer’s website:

What Reflex Steering Stabilizers can do for you

• On a front tire blow out

    When you blow out a front tire on your RV, the first thing that happens is the motorhome tries to make an abrupt and severe turn toward the blow out, causing you to head either into oncoming traffic or off the road. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer helps you control this situation using positive ‘return-to-center’ physics.

• Crosswinds and passing traffic

    One of the most common problems RVers experience today is high crosswinds caused by passing traffic. Today’s motorhomes are larger and more susceptible to these winds. When an 18-wheeler passes you, the air in front of the truck has to be moved aside. And if you are in its way, it tries to push you along with it. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer is always working to keep your steering centered, prevent oversteering and help control the RV more effectively.

• Road fatigue

    Imagine: you just left home this morning and would really like to make the campground by nightfall. It’s been five hours of heavy traffic and the sun has been shining in your eyes the whole way. Naturally, you would become fatigued. But even as your strength and response times lag, the Reflex Steering Stabilizer is using its hydraulic cylinder and spring system to keep the steering wheel centered.

• Rut tracking

    Although the highways are better, smoother and safer these days, ruts still exist. It’s not a problem until you try to change lanes or pass a vehicle; then, there is a likelihood the ruts could cause you to oversteer. With the Reflex Steering Stabilizer on board, your actions will become easier and eliminate overcompensation when steering out of a rut.

• Road edging

    Whenever your tire temporarily drops off the edge of the pavement, it can startle even the most careful of drivers. But when your RV tends to follow the path of least resistance — heading downhill — it can be downright dangerous. This is compounded when the edge is deep or the shoulder is soft. The Reflex Steering Stabilizer will work hard to keep you going straight down the road — helping control the RV long enough to get you back on the right track.

• Pot holes and debris With the Reflex Steering Stabilizer in place, the motorhome will stay straight and go in the direction you wish to travel. While pot holes and debris will cause you to move, we want that to be your decision — not the motorhome’s.

I highly recommend this product to ALL FORD CLASS A motorhome owners!

Here are the Amazon links to the Reflex and the bracket kit. I found Amazon to be the cheapest. Yeah, that’s a lot for a little bracket, but if you DIY, it’ll cost you 1/4 of buying from a dealer!

Roadmaster RSSA Reflex Stabilizer Unit – $268.08

Roadmaster RBK9 Bracket Kit – $80.52


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