Crazy Camping Hacks! Oh Yeah!

So, is “glamping” really a thing? Glamor camping that is! For those who have not heard about it till now, is a type of outing where one sleeps less under a tent and more in a fully appointed home that just happens to be under a canvas roof!

This is the 21st century, and there’s no reason we need to treat tent camping like we’re still cavemen! Here are some camping hacks to make your trip less chaotic and, hopefully, more enjoyable, and can be applied to tent camping as well as RV life.

Protecting your TP!

A super easy hack that can keep your toilet paper from being crushed and keep it from getting wet if you accidentally drop it in the water or if it starts to rain. Just take a coffee can pop the TP in, and cut a slit in the side to run the paper out of!

Use garbage can science to help keep your stuff dry. Line your backpack with a plastic garbage bag and fill ‘er up.

Homemade Lantern!

Take a gallon of your drinking water and strap your headlamp to it!

You'll be surprised at the warm glow that will fill the tent with light! Works great on picnic tables too!

Save those little silica gel packs and store them with your cookware to help prevent rust. All it takes is one rusty pan for everyone to start calling you Rusty and you just never come back from that.

Double the sound from your cell!

Just drop your cell phone into a glass for incredible volume!

Want to have some fun? Drop it into an empty Pringles can, or cut a slot in the rear and insert your phone into it! Amazing sound!

Everything tastes better when you’re camping, and everything tastes super radical when you’re eating it out of a flying plastic disc. Forget your plates on purpose and pack a Frisbee!

Nature’s Mosquito Repellant

Tired of all the mosquitos? Try nature's repellant!

Toss a bundle of SAGE on the fire every 40 to 50 minutes to keep those pesky critters away all night!

Did you know most hand sanitizer can be used as a fire starter?

Spice it up baby!

Don't throw away those old Tic-Tac containers!

Fill them with spices and label them! Weather proof and space saving!

Want to experience life from a tree’s perspective? Attach your GoPro to a tree branch!

Wake up to WARM clothes!

Keep your clothes clean, dry and WARM!

Wake up to warm clothes by storing them in your sleeping bag with you!

Use Frozen Water Bottles Instead of Ice for the Cooler.  No mess, just cold, fresh food.

Need a Firestarter?

Need to start a fire? Ground and kindling wet?

Doritos are a fantastic fire starter! You can also bag up that LINT from your dryer and bring it along!

Save your old TP cardboard rolls and fill them with dryer lint!

Can’t get that zipper closed?

Camping in the cold? Got gloves on? Arthritis?

Just put an old keyring on your zipper and you'll be all set!

Keep your zippers zippy by applying a little bit of candle wax from an un-lit candle.

Another easy Firestarter!

Save those egg cartons!

Drop in a dozen Matchlight charcoals and light the egg crate! Less waste and instant fire!

Use microfiber towels; they’re super absorbent and lightweight.

Fresh Pancakes!

Mix up your pancakes and freeze them in plastic bags!

The ingredients won't spoil and you can use them as ice packs! Yum!

If you’re going to be hiking, use biodegradable trail-marking tape.

Single Use First Aid

Save that large prescription bottle!

Pack bandages and ointment for a single serving use! Great space saver!

Recycle your Old Shower Curtains and use them as Tarps for the campsite.

Never break another EGG!

Pack your EGGS in a Mason jar!

Never worry about them breaking in transit again!

Scoop coffee grounds into a coffee filter and then tie it off with dental floss. Now you have a portable coffee bag that can be used just like a teabag!

Another Mason Jar hack!

Another Mason jar hack!

Take a small Mason jar and store your stick matches in it. Glue some sandpaper to the top and you're all set!

Waterproof Your Matches by Dipping them in Nail Polish.

Mini Medicine Cabinet!

Transform a standard one week pill box into a medicine cabinet!

Buy travel size medicines and glue the labels to the covers!