Black tank FLUSH TRICK!

So we all do it! That nasty job, after a wonderful week of camping, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it! The dreaded tank dump! I recently wrote an article on how to change your tank valves, and in doing so, I realized that I had created a NEW process for cleaning the black tank and hose during the dump!

The Idea

First let me start by saying, I invented this procedure because of a failure of the black tank valve while on the road! Isn’t that how all good ideas happen? Between campsites, on the 2nd hookup, I was greeted with some nasty stuff when I removed the sewer cap to put on the hose connection. It was only about two cups, but let me tell you, two cups of black tank stuff is a LOT!

Obviously, I’m not going to get this fixed on the road, so what I did was, ordered a Valtreera T58 twist on valve! Genius! No more leak for the trip home! I had it delivered through Amazon to the campground and that temporarily addressed the problem. I also ordered a Camco 39562 clear, twist on extension and put that on first, so I could see the nasty stuff. This is when the epiphany happened! 

While I was dumping the tanks, I started as usual by dumping the black tank. With the new clear fitting and twist on tank valve on there, I found out that you have to wait a LOT longer than I have been waiting for it to empty! After 10 minutes, it was STILL coming out, slowly but surely!

The Trick

So now, thinking of how I could speed this up, I realized that I could simply CLOSE THE TWIST ON VALVE and OPEN THE GRAY WATER valve, with the black tank valve STILL OPEN! This turned out to be a pure genius idea! When I opened the gray water tank, the water rushed into the black tank like a fire hose! I kept it open for about six seconds, and then closed it. Then I opened the twist on valve and the black water started running hard again through the hose. A LOT MORE debris came out of the black tank! After five or six “flushes” with the gray water, the black water started running clean! Amazing! So once that was done, I closed the black tank and finished emptying the gray tank, flushing the hose as usual.

The Setup

This is the OEM original setup, where you hook up your waste hose that should look very familiar to you:

And this is the now permanent modification:
The Rich Method

Yup, I’m taking credit to a NEW METHOD of dumping your waste water and I call it The Rich Method! 🙂 Not that I want to be associated with BLACK WATER! But I think this is pure genius!

I’m no expert!

Right, I’m not really an expert on anything, and if you’ve spent any time on the Internet, that’s where all the experts are! The NAYSAYERS are going to tell you, “DON’T DO IT, CROSS CONTAMINATION!” Or some other reason why you shouldn’t do this. But let’s be clear, we’re dealing with TWO WASTE tanks, and even so, cross contamination is NOT going to happen, neither will the sky fall! But they’ll tell you it will, trust me! When you see the force of the gray water flowing through the clear fitting, you’ll see for yourself there is no way to contaminate the gray tank. Simply start with a full gray tank by closing your gray water valve two days before you leave the campground and follow the procedure…



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