Guns and RVs, do they mix?

You know, any discussion board or Facebook group for RVers will have the daily question about can I carry a gun for self protection. The short answer is yes, the long answer is, well… complicated!

I will start by saying, I am not an expert on this topic, nor will you find the answer you’re seeking on a blog or discussion board, not even this one! I will tell you with authority though, taking the advice of people on the Internet will likely land you in JAIL!! So, where do you turn to? The USCCA is the authority on guns and travel in my opinion! Their website has a wealth of information and can answer all of your questions correctly!

Other good sources for information on gun laws in the U.S. (both state and local) are USCCA’s, Handgun Laws at, and the NRA’s web site at Clicking any of these links will open new tabs so you can maintain your place here…

Traveling by RV

Make sure you get the latest legal information, next decide your route. If a state you intend to visit or pass through does not honor your permits, either don’t visit that state, or if you absolutely must, make sure that you find out the current gun laws for that jurisdiction and abide by them scrupulously. If it’s New York state or city, try really hard to avoid it!

If you must go to New York, leave your gun at home, or someplace outside of New York where it’s legal to do so and where you can retrieve it when leaving that gun-hostile jurisdiction (see tips below).

When traveling by car, the rule under FOPA is, if you’re not legal to carry in a particular jurisdiction, the firearms must be unloaded, not in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, not accessible to driver or passengers, and locked up, either in your luggage or in separate locked containers. If your vehicle doesn’t have a separate lockable trunk, then the firearms must be in a locked container other than the console or glove compartment.

Ammunition must also be locked up in another separate container also in the luggage compartment or otherwise unavailable to occupants of the vehicle. If you are traveling through states that allow loaded guns in the passenger compartment, great! Just remember, when crossing jurisdictional lines, to do whatever is required to comply with the laws of the next jurisdiction.

Otherwise, play it safe and leave your gun and ammunition locked in separate containers in the RV storage. I know it’s a pain, and the weapon isn’t available if you need it. But don’t jeopardize your ability to carry legally, Make the prudent choice when you drive.

When traveling across the border to Canada or Mexico, or into a state that doesn’t allow your type of weapon, stop in a PAWN SHOP and pawn your guns near the border. If you’re only crossing for a day, week or month or two, this is the CHEAPEST way to store your weapons. About 1/4 the price of firing range storage. Make SURE you tell the pawnbroker you only need $25! This is how you’ll get the cheapest rate!

Further research: | NRA Gun Laws | US Concealed Carry | Handgun Laws


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  1. I only found your blog yesterday. I have been researching bringing my gun for a long time. Thanks for this info. I have got alot of bad info on the net. Now i have the links I needed. Keep up the good articles. Every one gives me a tio! I like this!

    1. Hi Tim,
      You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the article useful. Bookmark the page and come back often! I publish a new article about every two days.