Newbie Education – How to RV Safely

Whether you’re a dreamer or doer, the RV lifestyle calls to all of us at one time or another. Be it a dream to travel the country and see all there is to see, or have a nice different vacation getaway without spending your life savings, or perhaps you’re the weekend warrior type! Maybe you just want to live the life of a minimalist?

The most important aspect of living the RV dream is safety!

How to RV Safely

Congratulations on your decision to join the nomadic lifestyle! RVing is one of the most interesting lifestyles you can find! Nice folks, beautiful places, wonderful sights and just a relaxed and laid back lifestyle!

Unless! You jump in head first and don’t understand the responsibility that comes with owning and using an RV!

This post is designed to teach you all the basics of buying, owning and responsibly using an RV. The links below are to articles I have written for your information. I have ordered them to take you from buying an RV, to using it safely, and maintaining it. This page will grow over time, so please bookmark it and come back every month to see the updates.

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  1. Which Camper Should I Buy? – A comprehensive discussion on the types of RVs

  2. Gas vs Diesel – Which to buy? – A guide to motorhomes

  3. Pre-sale RV Checklist – A printable checklist to use when inspecting an RV for purchase

  4. Newbee RVing 101 – Know Your RV – All about your RV

  5. RV Pre-Trip Inspection – An inspection that must be done before EVERY trip!

  6. Tire Inflation – Myths and Facts! – The number one cause of accidents, improper loading and inflation

  7. So you think you know how to weigh your RV? – I’m willing to bet you don’t!

  8. Security every RVer needs! – Don’t become a victim!

  9. Must Have Items for Newbie Rvers! – Just buy them!

  10. Roadmaster RSSA Reflex Stabilizer Unit – For older motorhomes that wander on the road

  11. New lock for camping – 21st Century lock to secure your property at the campground

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  1. Sanitizing the Fresh Water – Annual

  2. Easy Mod to Flush Black Tank! – Great way to flush

  3. Eww, that SMELL! Let’s FIX it! – DAILY complaint on the discussion boards!

  4. RV Water Pressure Regulator – The right one to buy

  5. Holding Tank Valve Repairs

  6. Mice and Critters! Oh No! – The ONLY method that works


  1. Earn a living while on the road? – For you Full Timers

  2. Cheap Backup Camera Mod! – Dump that old B&W camera!

  3. State Speed and Towing info – I bet you didn’t know!

  4. Crazy Camping Hacks! – Just for fun!

  5. Guns and RVs, do they mix? – If you carry

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